The RGI mass flow meter for pneumatic transport

Flocon-2Transport of particles in pipes by air in a pipe is usual in all fields of industry. But how to determine the amount of materials passing through?
For mass flow determination the result normally is a weight. This is measured in an certain time. Because the time, in which the total mass is wanted, normally is known, the result is better given in mass per unit of time.

The dimension of this result is like a multiplication of density and speed.

There is a very interesting physical effect described in books: The Doppler effect. Everybody knows it and can hear it, e.g. when a horn is bowing and passing by. The tone immediately changes, when arrives. The tone is different, when the horn is coming and leaving. This effect is used by the police to measure the speed of cars.

The FLOCON uses the same priciple and the same method like car radar.

It is not using sound waves like described the Doppler effect with a horn. It is using micro waves with 24 GHz frequency. The other name is RADAR.
When micro waves pass material, they loose energy. With big Radar emitters food can be heated. With little emitters, the temperature change can not be measured, but the loss of energy can be measured as the result of the passed mass.

The FLOCON measures the density of the pneumatic stream by measuring the attenuation of the micro waves due to passing mass.


Flocon-3Because micro waves are not able to pass through metal, it needs a hole in the pipe, diameter about 20mm or about 0.8 inch
An adapter is welded to the pipe and then the pipe is closed with the sensor. The sensor has a ceramic end, so that no abrasion can open the sensor pipe.
The sensor signal is transmitted by a 4 line cable to an evaluation unit, which includes all necessary functions to use the measuring value in the process.
Important are the calibration features, for an automatic calculation of the calibration curve.
Flocon-DSC00270-smThe measuring value can be shown in different units depending on amount of flow ( kg/s or tons /h ) or on the country where it I used.

Flocon-4The standard output of the evaluation unit is a 4-20mA analogue signal. But, it has digital outputs for process computers or it can be equipped with a Com interface in the front, to use a laptop to overtake data or even to calibrate it. All functions are available also via laptop.
Thresholds for alarm and a watch dog are available by alarm relays.

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